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What to expect from the studio

West Violin Studio operates primarily on a Suzuki method model. Mr. West has found the Suzuki method to be the best means of cultivating musical skills, particularly with younger students. The repertoire has been carefully considered and organized for progressive development, and is rooted in classical pieces that have stood the test of time, allowing a lifetime of use. 


In the studio there is particular emphasis put on the aspects of listening, review and performing. Listening and review are the book-ends of learning a piece, with sufficient practice filling the middle. Listening not only speeds progress exponentially in the early years, but is a vital study skill for the more serious student finding their own signature style. And without fail, students who do not regularly review pieces they have completed, have no evidence of all the hours put into practice. Performing is the motivation and reward for all the effort. 


Parental involvement is also a must. Parents are expected to attend the lesson with the student, and be attentive and engaged, usually to the extent of taking notes, so that they can be the best practice partner possible at home. Over time the role of the parent changes as the student grows increasingly independent in their practice. That development generally takes several years, and until that time, parents must be committed to their role in the music learning process. Once again, the Suzuki method has the best model here, the triangle of learning, where responsibilities are shared between student, parent, and teacher.


For further information about WVS, see the Studio Policies.

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