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About Us

Mt. Ogden String Ensemble


In production, a new advanced string ensemble based in Ogden, under the direction of Nathan West.


European tours are the primary performing target, where members will gain musical education and experience, as well as exposure to foreign cultures and their influence on the development of Western music. 


General information about Euro tours

When: June, 2024.

Locations: Western, Southern Europe, e.g. Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Czech Republic, etc.

Duration: 16-24 days (likely 18).

Music program: Thus far, the program consists of: King Stephen Overture by Beethoven, and Cakewalk by Hershy Kay (based on "The Bambula" by Gottschalk).

Ensemble: We will have one week of rehearsals (4-6 hours/day, split between mornings and afternoons), to prepare 40-45 minutes of music. This demanding schedule requires advanced and committed players, capable of playing grade 4 (Suzuki book 8) level music comfortably.  Size of ensemble limited by performance venues, mostly churches, which have limited "stage" space. That consideration, along with balance of parts, limits size to 24 +/-. Ideally: 12 violins, 4 violas, 4 cellos, and 1 bass.

Eligibility: age 16+, (under 16 may participate if a parent/guardian accompanies them on the trip).

Concerts: 1 per location stayed, about 1 hour in length, usually at a church/cathedral (free to use), primarily walk-in audience.

Housing: primarily hotels, influenced by concert location.

Meals: Breakfast - included with hotel; lunch - independant choice; dinner - all together at ethnic place in proximity to hotel and concert venue.

Extra curricular activities: There will be time to sight-see. Some sights may be seen independantly, while other "must-see" places will be done together (e.g. Mozart's birth house, Salzburg; St. Thomas Church (resting place of J.S. Bach), Leipzig; The Louve, Paris, to name a few).

What does it cost?: This question is the "elephant in the room." Estimate is $4,000 - $6,000. We are doing everything possible to keep costs down. Fees cover the expenses of: travel (air and land); hotels (with breakfast); dinners (as described above); group activities (i.e. must-see sights, concerts, etc); instrument rentals (cello/bass if needed, determined by cost vs airline's oversized item fee). Participants will need to bring additional spending money for: lunches; souvenirs; personal interest sight-seeing/activities, including travel/fees to those places. Deposits will need to be made to cover reservation costs, expected to start around November, 2023. Full cost will be narrowed down to within $500 before deposits are required.

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